Shirin Novin Company Attends Expo or Max Dubai (YUMMEX MIDDLE EAST 2019)
September 30, 2019

Shirin Novin Attendance at Gulfood Food & Beverage Trade Show in Dubai

Gulfood Exhibition is one of the most valid one in the field of food and beverage industry which held every year in Dubai in winter. The 25th edition of this event will be held on Feb 16, 2020 –Feb 20, 2020 at DWTC.

Dubai Gulfood Trade Show

It is undoubted that there are many job opportunity in this field in today’s world market which the value of food industry has reached to more than 2 trillion$. If your current job is related to food industry and you want to progress in it, you have to be clever and quick and keep up with the latest resources and the most competitive suppliers.


Attending in Gulfood Trade Show is an excellent chance for your career advancement in the fields of food and beverage industry. This event can be your entry to a new business in the food industry. You can directly access to more than 5000 domestic suppliers, regional and international ones from 5 continents in the world only in Gulfood Trade Show. Global prices of food industry will be set in this event. The importance of this event is that manyexperts of this field believe that:

“If you start your business year through Gulfood Trade Show, you will undoubtedly pass a successful business year.”

The Dubai food and beverage Gulfood Trade Show was a bi-annual event from beginning in 1987 but later changed to an annual one. Since the launch of this event a lot of growth happened and it became to a place where more than 120 countries with 5000 suppliers of raw materials are in there annually to show the taste, interests and innovations which leads and shapes the future of food and beverage consumption around the world.

Gulfood has celebrated its success as the largest exhibition of food and beverage in the world in 2017. The officials of this event invited the F&B experts around the world to participate in a 5 days business event at this central hub of international food trade.

In the ex-event of 2019, it has been held in a space of about 1 million square meters and attendance of 100000 people from different countries which show the high importance of this event around the world.

The number of present businessmen at the exhibition is more than 95000 people.


The Number of international attendees 60%

The number of Emirates attendees 40%

More than 120 Representative and trading countries are attending in the event.

Fields of Dubai Gulfood Trade Show 2020

Dubai Gulfood Trade Show 2020 will be held in 8 different fields:

– Beverages

Cold beverages

Hot beverages

Fresh beverages







Oil & fat

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Sunflower oil

Other vegetable oils

  • Hygiene ,Health, Cereal, Beans

Organic Products

Healthy Products

Halal Products

Industrial products

Special dietary products

-Meat & poultry

Meat & poultry grass-fed

Met & poultry corn-fed


  • Beans, seeds and cereals





Canned foods


  • International food

Different nationalities stand with their own special food custom.

  • Top Brands

Top brands stand of food and beverages industry

Exhibitor of Dubai Gulfood Trade Show 2020

Food manufacturers



Restaurant owner


Government officials

Business brands

Distributors and wholesalers


Date of Dubai Gulfood Trade Show 2020

Dubai Gulfood Trade Show will be held on on Feb 16, 2020 –Feb 20, 2020

The venue of Dubai Gulfood Trade Show 2020

The 25th edition of this event will be held at Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC).