Sport Competitions

Sport is always progressed in all countries once supported by the top and middle level executive mangers. Supporting the athletes or sports means supporting community health. At the Stars of Sorena Land Institute we are trying to take good steps to growth the sports of the country and it would not be possible without supporting of caring managers of the country. Shirin Novin is one the supporter of Tennis.

Training Courses

Training courses of cake and confectionery making of Shirin Novin, have been established in the field of cake, confectionery and dessert in a way of industrial and specialized ones also recipe of making them and the correct method of baking cake and confectionery. Training courses are very professional and modern which taught by top professional trainers.


Entrepreneurship involves the creation or discovery and utilization of the opportunities which arising from the interaction between entrepreneurs with the environments they work in. today, considering the important role of startups or start-up businesses in development and progress of country economy, entrepreneurship has gained a special distinctive place in the modern world.

In fact, industrial development, local growth and employment growth, are all dependent on development and growth of entrepreneurship. In this regard, Shirin Novin is one the entrepreneurs support in cake and confectionery industry.

Exhibitions and Festivals

Attending in international and domestic exhibitions cause to introduce:  the abilities, productions at the international level, direct communication with customers and knowing their needs, knowing competitors and  services, their productions and plans, opportunity to attract the investors and development of their industrial units activities, communication with suppliers of raw materials and industrial service providers, knowing the overall market conditions and the planning possibilities based on it, updating the technical science and getting familiar with new industry achievements, numerous advertising opportunities,(print, environmental, television and etc.). Participate in international business meeting with invited foreign delegations, conducting trade negotiations and signing numerous domestic and international contracts. So by this aim, Shirin Novin attends in related exhibitions.