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The Orders of the Board of Entrepreneurship Trustees of Tehran Province

Reported by Public Relations of General Administration of Tehran Cooperative, Labor & Social welfare in elections meeting held to appoint the new head and secretary of Tehran entrepreneurship center: Mr.AmirHossein Shaghaghi( M.D of Shirin Novin Co. ) has been elected as a head and Mr.Majid Sayari (M.D of Mahan Institute of Higher Education) as a secretary of Entrepreneurship Association of Tehran Province for 2 years.

In this meeting, Majid Sayari as the ex-head of Tehran Entrepreneurship association presented a report on the performance of previous period to the members and attendees. Following The Orders of the Board of Trustees which was signed by Dr.Mohsen Bandpey, the governor of Tehran, were awarded to the elected ones by Dr.Emami Amin,the deputy governor of Tehran’s economic affairs and head of the board of trustees.

It is worth noting that Provincial Entrepreneurs Association were held on 3rd.Oct.2010 is based on paragraph 2 of the twenty-ninth session of the Supreme Council of Employment of the country and based on article no.2 of the Association Guidelines, the objectives of the Entrepreneurial Association of the province are:

Increasing the ability of provincial management to help identifying the barriers of entrepreneurship development to achieve solutions and remove the barriers

Maximum Synergy and participation of entrepreneurs in decision making of senior managers of the province in the field of entrepreneur development

Providing a suitable context to expand and promote different entrepreneurship (economic, social, etc.) and culture institutionalizing in the province

Providing advice and assist to the decisions of the senior managers of province and increasing the confidence of entrepreneurship decisions

Also ,based on article no.3 of relevant instruction, the most important duties and activities of the association are followed as

Identifying of design and review the barriers of entrepreneurship in the province at various stages of idea creation, entrepreneurship, growth, consolidation and exit from business and providing operational solutions to improve the solutions

Identifying the effective issues in development of province entrepreneurship

Reviewing the rules and terms related to entrepreneurship and providing operational solutions in order to facilitate the laws and fix the conflicts and existing legal barriers to the relevant provincial managers

Intellectual Assistance, Advisory Comments, and Effective Policy Proposals to Chief Executive Officers of the Provincial Executive and Entrepreneurship Development Office of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare in Decision Making and Implementation of Entrepreneurship Development Plans

     ۵- Effective communication with relevant organizations and institutions in the province including    universities, development centers and research institutes

۶-Identifying and documenting the experiences of entrepreneurs in the province and establishing appropriate mechanisms for continuous interaction with them

      ۷-Investigating and identifying the business opportunities and business threats in the province considering the relative advantages, competitiveness and industry structure of the province as well as technology process in the country and worldwide.

       ۸- Creating a continuous relationship with the benefactors of the province and creating the necessary space for the formation of the provincial benefactors entrepreneurship community with the aim of developing entrepreneurship in the country

Considering the article No.5 of this instruction, the most important duties of the Board of Trustees of the province Entrepreneurship Association are followed as

Cooperation and supervision of the proper implementation of the Association instruction

Providing the areas of cooperation between the members of the Association with the executive agencies of the province in the fields of entrepreneurship development of the province

Knowing the activities, conditions and problems of the association and providing solutions to them

Observing the Association function

Cooperation, spiritual and financial support to the Association