The Orders of the Board of Entrepreneurship Trustees of Tehran Province
September 1, 2019
Shirin Novin Company Attends Expo or Max Dubai (YUMMEX MIDDLE EAST 2019)
September 30, 2019

Shirirn Novin Participation in the 12th International Exhibition of Cereal,Flour and Bread Industry

The exhibition of Flour and Bread Industry of Tehran (IBEX) will be held in Iran on 13th-16th Sep. 2019. It is one the biggest event of Iran due to the importance of bread in people life. A country with a population of around 80 million people and annually consuming of 164 Kg cannot avoid trying to improve the quality of bread and related industry. The flour and Bread exhibition of Iran will be held with such a vision to standardize the activities related to productions, sales and buying in the field of flour and bread. And also improve the bread production process and become independent and self-sufficient in the field of flour and bread making machines. Tehran Bread and Flour Exhibition is a great place for attendance of local and international companies to present their success and innovations in the field of bread and confectionery. Shirin Novin attending this event welcomes you all regular companions at the hall no.40.