Cake and Confectionery Innovations

Great progress has been gained in many industries such as the cake and confectionery during the last few decades. Because of growth of technologies and innovations most of these advances has been related to cake and confectionery industry and some others some others some others have been due to people taste and lifestyles changing in different countries. As most of economic analysts predict that the growth of cake and confectionery industry will be higher growth in compare of the average in other industries by 2020.

Cake and Confectionery Process

Statistics show that cake and confectionery consumption is growing globally.

In Innovations of the world means today’s world, good taste of cake and confectionery is not enough but at the same time, the packaging and appearance of them should be favored by the customers.

Cake & Confectionery industry and environmental issues

Another important issue which the cake and confectionery industry is facing to is about protecting the environment and taking more steps in this field

These two issues are causing the cake and confectionery industry stakeholders to face with additional pressures and problems, but the good news is that the manufacturers of the packaging industry have been reached to great progress and in this regard, the most help will be done to the ones who are involved with cake and confectionary industry

Packaging is one of the drivers of cake and confectionery industry development

In chocolate and confectionery industry of today, appetizing and attractive packaging is still considered but is not enough. Currently, the active producers in chocolate and confectionery industry field are turning to creative and artistic packaging and are acting more focused and accurate day by day. For instance, some of the giant cake and confectionery industry try to show their customers interesting images or videos upon their situation in consuming time of the products. That way, we see that the connection between the virtual world and the real world has had a deep impact in the field of cake and chocolate industry.

Nestlé, is one the pioneers of innovation in the field of giant confectionery and chocolate. Nestlé has included QR codes on some of its products packaging. That way, the customer is redirected to YouTube page just after purchasing the products by putting their smart phone in front of the QR code where inside a chocolate –shaped frame “Kit Kat” a very short but extremely funny movie is showed. The popularity of Nestlé brand and Kit Kat crushing brand has made this ad campaign that much popular that Google which is the android system of the giant world of internet, has designed one of its logos in a form of Kit Kat for the first time           

This event led to chocolate and confectionery experts to emphasize once again on the importance of the innovation in the packaging of chocolate and confectionery is very important and also increasing the importance every day, especially that the production of cake and chocolate is increasing every day and by this production increase, the competition is intense

Currently, the products that have been on the market of cake and confectionery for many years and the ones which contain high sure or even low sugar or low fact confectionery, are rapidly strengthening and rebuilding

Diet and vegetarian diets in the confectionery and chocolate industry have also received much attention

The other issues which is received special attention in this field, is gluten-free and lactose- free of producing confectionery and chocolate

“Halal” Badge in the cake and confectionery industry

Despite 1.5 billion of Muslim population who makes more than 22% of the world population, the issue of “Halal’ chocolate and confectionery is one the most controversial subject in this field. Most of the cake and confectionery producers observe all the needed issues of Halal for their Muslim customers in order not to lose this impressive population. Much of this issue is related to use of animal oils or non-use of alcohol in the confectioneries.

Other innovative steps in the field of confectionery and chocolate contains hazelnut and a variety of nuts, roasted nuts and salted nuts is producing the products with new and varied tastes. One of the experts of food industry says” there is one flavored products for each customers by producing a variety of confectionery, chocolate and junk food

Another point is the task of packaging designer, graphic designer and all those who are involved in this field which is getting harder. They have to be more creative in design and type of packages every day more than yesterday

Another important issue is continued lack of attention of customers in confectionery and chocolate industry to environment issues and their interest to sweets that the use of them are easier from different aspects and being fresh while being healthy

Currently, by increasing the cost of milk, cocoa and sugar, there is no way except saving on the consuming material and keeping the productions cost low for the producers of confectionery industry. When chocolate and confectionery packaging changes are needed, the large companies gradually replace the new packaging to new ones, so as not to hurt their reputation

One these companies, was confectionery and chocolate maker named (Corny), which reduced its use of aluminum packaging gradually and put a new one during 30 years. It has been a while that new packaging material as a new replacement, has been introduced instead of the old packaging materials such as plastic and aluminum. Green Box warning labels, wooden, cellulose, and bio plastics packaging and palm leaf which are recyclable are currently used in more than 250 of confectionery and chocolate productions. These packages are also biodegradable in nature and are also burnable without causing contamination

For instance, a palm leaf in a factory of packaging materials productions by new technology , is first washed with high-pressure water then subjected to high heat by mechanical press and comes in the desired form. In fact, it is like a deep engraving. In the final step, the edge of this packaging will be adjusted and polished

In addition to above efforts, scientists are looking for finding better and more natural packaging. One the most important project of this field is “Thermo Whey” project by which trying to minimize the amount of confectionery oils and carbohydrates. It is also aimed to reduce 20% of using energy in confectionery and chocolate industry by 2020

Converting the confectioneries production in to digital productions and Human-Machine and Machine-Machine productions is other plane which is in the work

Access to all the confectionery productions, cake and chocolate productions via mobile from anywhere in the world is another prospect of growth and more innovations in this industry

One the last exhibition on cake and confectionery innovations was held on May 4th-10th 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany. In this event, around 2700 people concluding all companies, factories and famous brands gathered and presented their innovations in different fields of confectionery, cake and chocolate

At this exhibition, special attention was given to packaging which is eco-friendly

Also in this event, bakery and cake machine makers showed their innovations in different fields of this industry