In The Name of God

About the Founder of Shirin Novin Co.

Amir Hossein Shaghaghi was born on 1976-07-11 in Tabriz.

He started sport activities in the field of tennis when he was 12 and because of his interest in working he has started business from those days. He left to Tehran Once he finished high school in 1994 and just after setting up a small warehouse in the section of wholesaler, he started up a traditional workshop in the field of biscuit and cake in that place and stepped to the production field.

In this regard, he has set up his first production unit as an industrial one for less than 10 years and put it on his name as one the highest capacity of production complex of food industry during 15 years.

It is worth noting that Shaghaghi has passed the long path with no business partner and no bank facilities that unfortunately it can be said that he has wasted 8 years of his time due to unfair sanctions, currency instability and lack of easy access to the raw material but he has passed this long way within 15 years.

Apart from the food industry, Shaghaghi operates extensively in other production field with the support of his business partners and he is the Head of Board in more than 9 companies which the result of that has been million dollars in non-oil exports and employment of thousands people.